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The most expensive residential property city in the world
The most expensive residential property city in the world

The most expensive residential property city in the world

Dubai ranks in the 10th position of the list and proves to remain an attractive property investment spot

Residential property in Monaco is now the most expensive real estate in the world, says Savills in its Spotlight on Monaco. Dubai’s prime market is seven times more affordable, ranking far behind in the 10th position on a list of major world cities and proves to remain an attractive property investment.

2016 saw the average re-sale price in Monaco reach a record high of AED 165,700 psm, up 180% in a decade. This rate of price growth is largely unseen in developed economies, however Dubai displays a wide growth range across prime areas such as The Palm, Burj Khalifa, Emirates Hills and Dubai Marina; and 94% (comparing Q1 2007 with Q1 2017) for average villa prices.

Price league: AED per square metre



10 year prime price growth

(in local currency)

Ultra Prime


AED 165,729


AED 400,710

Hong Kong

AED 156,521


AED 469,165


AED 116,890


AED 165,328


AED 70,455


AED 180,940

New York

AED 66,852


AED 243,790


AED 61,248


AED 103,680


AED 47,637


AED 135,705


AED 46,836


AED 186,945


AED 40,832


AED 55,643


AED 24,419


AED 44,435

 The Palm




 Dubai Marina




 Burj Khalifa


-12% (since Q2 2010)


 Emirates Hills


45% (since Q1 2012)


Source: Savills World Research and Core Savills Research

David Godchaux, CEO of Core Savills explains: “Although it is difficult to establish an average prime price for Dubai in the past ten years (given the large variety of products in districts with fundamentally different drivers); we took a closer look at individual areas and noticed that some developments have outperformed top cities in the world such as The Palm.”

Since 2007, Dubai’s market conditions have changed immensely and today we are witnessing prime areas lagging in performance even though the mainstream areas are witnessing a gradual recovery, initiated since Q1 2016.

Transaction volumes continue to be steady across most prominent residential districts with many witnessing double digit year-on-year rise, largely driven by the growing off-plan market.

A distinctive trend continues to prevail in both apartment and villa sub-markets. Although softening for almost two years, the prime segment continues to indicate further contraction in prices.

Despite slight yield compression witnessed over the last 6 to 12 months, Dubai’s prime and mainstream residential market continues to be positioned attractively as a real estate investment on the global scene.



Download the full Dubai Residential Market Q1 report here.


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