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Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

'Working in an established and professional company for me is paramount. I believe that your company should mirror your work ethics and seeing how Core Savills operates I knew it was the level of expertise I wanted to work with. The leadership shown, direction given and knowledge acquired are of the highest standard. Teamwork is key within our organization and that's why it's great to be a part of the Core Savills family'. - Tugba Dogan, Consultant - Residential

'After two and a half years working in residential real estate in Dubai and 3 years of residential real estate in Denmark, I was presented with the opportunity to join Core Savills in May 2014. I heard about Core Savills through previous clients and colleagues and people referred to the company as 'highly professional', 'specialised' and 'market leading' in the areas they were covering - so I decided to join the winners. What I like the most about working for Core Savills is the friendly, professional environment. Also being given the opportunity to meet and deal with such a variety of clients is very inspiring and educational' - Kristian Andersen, Consultant - Commercial

'I was introduced to Core Savills as a client and received accurate and current market advice in a professional manner. My firm was satisfied with regular communications initiated by the Core Savills team in terms of understanding our requirements and assisting us to achieve the same. We have a set of procedures and rules which set an organized structure to serve clients. Within the firm, we have a team comprising of consultants and directors who assist each other with respective client portfolios and help one another to cope with daily challenges' Dheeraj Motwani, Consultant - Commercial

'I enjoy working here for the professionalism in the environment and being surrounded by a cheerful team who come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds that have been brought to work together as partners to form the strongest sales force in the city. Communicate, Commit, Care - these are not only words, but the three core values that we learn and abide to; in order to be a successful realtor in the biggest commercial brokerage agency in Dubai' - Mostafa Youseff, Consultant - Commercial

'One of the reasons I like working for Core Savills is that it allows me to interact with so many skilled and diverse people; from a discerning home buyer to a corporate client, decision makers. Core Savills’ team is made up of smart and dedicated people. Our teamwork expertise and network help to build a stronger relationship - both internally and with our clients.' Matthew Wentzel, Consultant - Residential